The founders gained long term experience in the conduct of research and development projects at research institutions, biopharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations (CRO) in Canada, in the United States and in European countries.
MTZ Clinical Research sp z o.o. functions as CRO with it's own clinical research site. 

  • 2012 -Anna Dryja,  MD, MBA, became Clinical Research Site Director
  • 2012 - Katarzyna Jarus-Dziedzic, MD, PhD  ceased to be Medical Director
  • 2011 - Małgorzata Drop, MSc, became Quality Manager and Quality Management System  Representative
  • 2011 - Anna Bereda ceased to be Quality Manager and Management System Representative
  • 2011 - The registration of MTZ US Clinical Research, LLC. a partner company in Massachusetts, USA
  • 2011 - Our representative office in Montreal, Canada was closed
  • 2010 - Opening of pharmacy equipped with a laminar flow cabinet
  • 2010 - Extension of services by including Oncological Products Studies
  • 2009 - ISO 9001:2008  Quality Certificate was obtained from DAS CERTIFICATION Ltd. accredited by UKAS
  • 2008 - Creation of independent Quality Assurance Department
  • 2008 - Teresa Brodniewicz, MSc, PhD became President
  • 2008 - Decision of MTZ Management to focus on early-staged studies: MTZ Clinical Research began acting as CRO
  • 2007 - Extensive renovation of the Clinical Site
  • 2006 - Anna Bereda became Quality Assurance Coordinator
  • 2004 - Registration of subject  database
  • 2004 - MTZ Clinical Research conducted first Phase I Study
  • 2003 - MTZ Clinical Research conducted first Bioequivalence Study
  • 2003 - MTZ Clinical Research conducted first Bioavailability Study
  • 2003 - Katarzyna Jarus-Dziedzic, MD, PhD became Medical Director
  • 2002 - MTZ established a medical site (NZOZ) where clinical trial procedures are performed
  • 2002 - Incorporation of MTZ Clinical Research Sp. z o.o.
    Zbigniew Proba, MSc, PhD became President
    Teresa Brodniewicz, MSc, PhD became Scientific Affairs and Business Development Director and Vice President

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